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Because that Situation Felony Case Charge does not define you

Who we are

UHome™ is a Prison Reentry Assistant program that helps you make your transition via Halfway House or Home Confinement as easy as possible. We want to help  with all that you require to get used to being back home and keeping you organized while at it. We provide several services to include business consulting.

Why we are

Choosing UHome™ means that you enjoy the ease and comfort of starting out this new phase of your life by getting all the processes involved done. Getting out of prison should not be the end of your existence, it should not be the defining tag, you can continue to have the beautiful life that you desire and redefine your passion. 

Where you are

Everyday the Bureau of Prison releases thousands of inmates back into society, onto a over worked half-way house, understaffed, in the midst of a pandemic, you can easily miss, forget, get forgotten, and still pay the consequences. UHome has developed a plan to help keep you on top of your game!

How it starts

Everything starts with you, you have to take the initiative to ensure that you are following the policies and procedures and most importantly be grateful that you are out of prison and home with your loved ones. We will be a consultant to you to help you become the best version of yourself.

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Where you Belong 

UHome™ is here to support you as you transition back to society via Halfway House or Home Confinement with resources, apps, and tools to help you navigate through the paperwork and static of reentry. Join us because we GOT YOU! We want to be your reentry companion, the assistant that allows you to focus on returning home and enjoying the freedom that comes with rejoining your family. 

Successful Reentry

The vision for UHome™ is dedicated to the thousands of men and women who are released daily from the BOP and finally going HOME! It is a celebration and the most important mindset is to ensure that you do not allow this situation to define you. You are more than the “case” or the title “offender” and right now, you are human and you deserve all the goodness that life has to offer. Our vision is to ensure that you return to your loved ones and find your true passion, your story is just beginning and we are here to ensure that you get the most of it. 

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Our services

Business Consultant

Take the initiative to start anew. We will help you discover your skills or interest and walk you through the steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

Process Improver

Our black belt six sigma practitioners can review your current processes and provide feedback on current forms,  procedures, etc., and develop action plans.

Soft Skills Training

We have a list of online training available for our community members to take to further develop their administrative skills and more!

Education Mentor

Want to go back to school but dont know where to start, we can help you research schools, find scholarships, and provide assistance with applications and more!

Inventors Corner

Want to invent something, we will help you develop your idea, patent your idea, and get it to market! Become an inventor today! 

Brand Strategy

UHome has a full marketing agency partnership and we can help you replace negative articles with positive works, and setup a plan for a new brand. 

Become a Partner or White Label our App!

Do you want to be a part of this program that seeks to make the reentry transition easier and more organized? You can do this by signing up as a partner with UHome™. Our App is also available for “White Labeling” for your organization. We did all the work, from an inmate viewpoint, using our UHome App can help reduce paper and ink waste, prevent over exposure from COVID and other infectious disease, allow the user to organize, submit forms electronically, and they will get alerts to call in and report as needed. Send us an email if you want a private app review.  App launch Dec 2021.

electronic forms

This app will allow users to submit special forms, church forms, and monthly budget with ease and they can sign online.

Calendar Sync

The UHome App will allow the user to sync any special forms submissions onto their calendar.

Alert reminder

Never forget to Report in, get text message reminders to call in before a pass or after a pass timeframe.


The app will keep updated links to resources and blogs to help the user with reentry.

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